Choosing the Right Contractor – A Kitchen Remodel

Gheen BuildersKitchen Remodel

These fine folks had no problem deciding what they wanted. They were a joy to work with because it was easy to visualize the end result from their verbal desciptions. To choose the cabinets, I sent them to Heritage Woodworking, where Jim Bosselle discussed their options and let them choose from a large selection of finished door samples. For counter … Read More

Deck, Porch, Replacement and New Concrete

Gheen BuildersNew Deck

Redwood or Composite? Money Saving Ideas for a Fire Pit! This was a challenging residential project due to a number of considerations. First and foremost was the owners budget. Because of spending limitations it wasn’t possible to do what seemed necessary, namely to tear everything out and start over. The deck surrounding a slightly raised, liner type swimming pool was … Read More

Kitchen Remodel Including Window and Door Replacements

Gheen BuildersKitchen Remodel

This project involved completely gutting both the kitchen and the diing room and starting over. The new kitchen took on the space of both the old rooms. It included new windows in a bay arrangement at the kitchen sink, a desk at one end surrounded by the pantry cabinets, a large island and a peninsula of cabinets. We installed drywall, … Read More

Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Redwood Deck Extension, and Sliding Glass Door Installation

Gheen BuildersKitchen Remodel, New Deck, Propane Fire Pit

The kitchen involved the removal of existing tile counters, replacing a corner base cabinet with a lazy Susan, installing new granite counter tops, and replacing the sink and valve assembly.  In the bathroom, the tub and shower surround was replaced with a new fiberglass walk-in shower, that included a new valve, shower head and aluminum framed sliding glass door.  In … Read More