Commercial / Retail

At Gheen Builders, Inc., we use experience to exceed our customers’ expectations. Having this knowledge allows us to anticipate problems, prepare solutions, and work to create opportunities that save time and increase value. Such things as clear, consistent communication, value engineering, meeting milestones, approachable jobsite supervision, and prequalified subcontractors are a few of the tools that give our reputation precedence.

With many successful projects completed such as, The Institute of Technology, Trader Joes, Party City, Complete Nutrition, to name a few, we have developed a system of efficiency that rivals much larger organizations by having the history to review our processes and adjust to achieve a better product. In addition, we’ve worked with many different construction managers, architects, and owners whose expertise has sharpened our own providing for a professional environment through effective communication.

Our staff of managers and field employees are all trained through hands on work experience. Whether addressing a particular problem or preparing a project schedule, everything we do is based on practical experience that remains the constant by which all else is measured. Estimates are exactly that, without practical experience it’s impossible to accurately prescribe time and value. We pride ourselves on the reality of our pricing and the timeliness and quality it reflects in our projects.