Abbey of New Clairvaux Phase I

Completed: 2018 Commercial wood framing project in Vina, Calif. Project is an extension of a very old stone abbey reassembled from its original location in Spain. The monks at New Clairvaux discovered their original chapel had been salvaged after WWII and shipped to San Francisco with the intention of having it rebuilt there. It sat in storage forgotten until discovered … Read More

Lavender Hills Assisted Living

Completed: 2016 Commercial wood framing project in Redding, Calif. Consisted of building a 12,000 sq ft Extended Care Facility. In this case the concrete subcontractor attempted pouring larger areas than capable resulting in a less than perfect slab surface. GBI went the extra mile by shimming and straight lining to correct at the roof peak and facia of the overall … Read More

College of the Redwoods

Completed: 2016 Commercial wood framing project in Crescent City, Calif. Consisted of building a new Science Laboratory and involved a full time State inspector who observed all aspects of construction while it was occurring. As a school and a public facility, this project was required to meet all applicable design criteria “above and beyond the standard of the industry”. GBI … Read More

Party City

Completed: 2014 Negotiated Contract, included design, engineering, and permit approvals. Design involved solution for “structural, fire stop, demising wall” that was intended to be removed to accommodate the space requirements. Fire sprinklers had to be brought into the entire building and shear with improved anchorage added to structural wall to maintain structural and fire integrity. Project had stopped more than … Read More

Buffalo Wild Wings

Completed: 2015 Contracted for rough carpentry of this wood/metal framed hybrid structure. Coordinated with multiple other trades for a successful on time delivery

Food Maxx Facade

Completed: 2015 Contracted for demo and rough carpentry. Remove existing entry structure – Construct new, modern tower and entry feature

Panda Express – Susanville

Completed: 2015 Contracted for rough carpentry. This was a fast paced project while dealing with winter conditions

Panera Bread & The Noodle Company

Completed: 2015 Contracted for rough carpentry which features multiple layers of exterior wall build over and engineered lumber roof system

Steak ‘n Shake

Completed: 2016 Contracted for rough carpentry. Features multiple sloped signage walls and curving interior soffits.