Buffalo Wild Wings

Completed: 2015 Contracted for rough carpentry of this wood/metal framed hybrid structure. Coordinated with multiple other trades for a successful on time delivery

Food Maxx Facade

Completed: 2015 Contracted for demo and rough carpentry. Remove existing entry structure – Construct new, modern tower and entry feature

Panda Express – Susanville

Completed: 2015 Contracted for rough carpentry. This was a fast paced project while dealing with winter conditions

Panera Bread & The Noodle Company

Completed: 2015 Contracted for rough carpentry which features multiple layers of exterior wall build over and engineered lumber roof system

Steak ‘n Shake

Completed: 2016 Contracted for rough carpentry. Features multiple sloped signage walls and curving interior soffits.


Completed: 2014 Commercial Tenant improvement. Negotiated Contract, included design and permit approvals. Modified and upgraded existing office area and bathrooms, new finishes, upgraded interior and exterior for ADA compliance.

Trinity Center, Water Treatment Plant

Completed: 2014 Provided and erected a metal building for a water treatment processing facility. Included design and engineering, 6-simultaneous roof hatch openings to access and service the water pumps through the openings directly over the wells, and the canopy structures that would redirect rain and snow away from equipment and employees.

CH2M Hill Office

Completed: 2014 Interior Modifications and Remodels: Negotiated Contract. On-going work that focuses on specific areas to modify or remodel as the need and budget make it possible. Work has included engineers work stations, kitchens, break areas, lobby, stairways, etc. Work is scheduled to allow for typical operations while activities are in progress.

Family Chiropractic

Completed: 2014 Chiropractic Office. Provided design consultation and advice for owners design team. Involved stained and sealed concrete floor finishes, shielded wall x-ray station, and furniture quality paint finishes to identify the owner’s signature look.