New Cedar Sided Home

Cedar lap siding was an important feature for this home we built in Burney, California. The home became part of its environment with the green roof matching neighboring foliage, and siding similar to the trunks of the mature trees. White trim and fascia created an outline to an otherwise obscure setting. This is a two-story home, including a split-level with … Read More

Chase Bank

Completed: 2018 Coordinated with foundation subcontractor for engineered shear panel placement, performed rough carpentry for the new bank building and detached ATM canopy and shade trellis.

John Beaudet Community Center

Completed: 2017 Public Works remodel of an existing Community Center that had been used for other purposes. Divided the space to become a library, Historical Center, meeting areas, and offices. Involved demo, plumbing, electric, and mechanical changes, interior framing, drywall, painting, doors and hardware, and dealing with the staff and the public during construction. Completed on time and within budget.

Panda Express – Redding

Completed: 2018 3rd Panda Framing project in Northern California. Assisted with concrete layout, performed all rough carpentry and composite exterior cladding.

Rolling Hills Medical Clinic (OSHPD)

Completed: 2018 Complete remodel of a 4000 s.f. building to create an OSHPD compliant medical facility for the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians serving the Corning area. Scopes included – Site, Civil, Utilities, City Utility Tie- Ins, complete medical grade plumbing/electrical/HVAC systems, exam rooms, physician offices, employee lounges, complete interior/exterior ADA upgrades.

Rolling Hills Mobile Dental Clinic

Completed: 2018 Assisted the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians by completing the electrical/ plumbing systems and interior finishes on the Rolling Hills Mobile Dental Clinic for use in and around the Corning area.

Old Honn Cabin

Worked with the ranch manager and new owner to rebuild a luxury guest cabin at a “gentlemen’s ranch” located in the beautiful Lassen National Forest.

Madison Barn

We provided the framing on this great combination of garage/RV space below with living space above.

Deck Repair

Completely rebuilt and reconfigured an aging failing deck. The result is a more modern outdoor entertainment space that will serve the clients well into the future.