Choosing the Right Contractor – A Kitchen Remodel

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choosing right contractor kitchen remodel

These fine folks had no problem deciding what they wanted. They were a joy to work with because it was easy to visualize the end result from their verbal descriptions. To choose the cabinets, I sent them to Heritage Woodworking, where Jim Bosselle discussed their options and let them choose from a large selection of finished door samples. For countertops they visited Brothers Countertops were they viewed photos and samples before making their choice of Formica. As the General Contractor, it was my responsibility to schedule the selected items to arrive at the right time, have the areas ready to receive them, and run the finishes up to them for a complete installation. The result was a beautifully crafted new kitchen.

Helpful information:

These owners were sure to select a licensed and insured contractor. Because they both worked and the remodeling occurred during the day while they were gone, it was necessary for the contractor to be reliable and someone they could trust in their home. Many people have skills that allow them to accomplish this type of work without the overhead of being a legitimate contractor. They can also do the work more cheaply. The problem is the level of responsibility each possesses. A licensed contractor has earned and proven his skills years before, he’s not training on your job. His reputation in the area he lives is always on the line. In the event, a problem does occur and eventually, they do to everyone, he carries the needed insurance that protects both parties so that things can be resolved and the work carried out. These are just a few reasons to use a licensed contractor, the most important reason is that he is responsible, he has to be. This alone will always give you the biggest bang for your buck!