Construction Management

Gheen Builders, Inc.’s construction management program is formed to unify entities and ensure any project proceeds with the client’s best interests in mind, on time, and on budget. Our team has decades of experience coordinating the design and construction of many types of projects— residential, commercial, education, health services, and much more, and we look forward to many more exciting projects forthcoming.

Construction Management Commercial Framing
We offer full design/build services or can work with the owner’s preferred designer to produce conceptual drawings.


Stage 1: Conceptual / Initiation
Stage 2: Design / Planning
Stage 3: Execution / Production
Stage 4: Monitoring / Control
Stage 5: Turnover / Closeout

Every project has different budget constraints, design elements, and time frames

We can identify required elements, and general products and trades needed to complete the project. After review and comments by the owner, representatives, and consultants, a permit submittal package will be prepared for the Building and Public Works Departments’ review from the conceptional drawings. Following award announcements, our services would include the issuance of letters of intent and preparing contracts and/or subcontracts. Turnover goes smoothly when there is constant attention and communication with the owner, design consultants, suppliers, and contractors throughout the project.