Construction Management

Although every project has different budget constraints, design elements, and time frame, there are five distinct stages to our Construction Management program.

Conceptual / Initiation

In this stage, we meet with the owners and/or their agents to review the project concept, and the overall goals and budget of the proposed project. Based on experience we give input as to the feasibility, logistics and potential challenges that may arise during the remaining stages, and the most efficient and cost effective way to proceed.

Design / Planning

We offer full design/build services, or can work with the owners preferred designer to produce conceptual drawings. From these drawings, we can identify required elements, and general products and trades needed to complete the project. After review and comments by the owner, representatives and consultants, a permit submittal package will be prepared for the Building and Public Works Departments review. During the plan review process, we will coordinate the bidding phase of the project, including:

  • Advertisements and invitations to bid
  • Prepare preliminary project schedule
  • Review and forward RFI’s to design consultants, and issue addendums to the bidding contractors
  • Coordinate and conduct bid opening meeting if required
  • Review contractor and supplier bids to Identify and qualify lowest bid
  • Present the bid results to the project owner for contract award

Execution and Production

Following award announcements, our services would include issuance of letters of intent, and preparing contracts and/or subcontractors. On-going management throughout the project including:

  • Conduct pre construction, and periodic site progress meetings with owner and contractors
  • Monitor project schedule
  • Review RFI’s and Change Orders and submit for approval
  • Monitor project budget – prepare cost reports
  • Review and approve or re-negotiate progress payment applications
  • Provide on-site manager if required by size and complexity of the project

Turnover / Closeout

With constant attention and communication with the owner, design consultants, suppliers and contractors throughout the project, turn over goes smoothly. Our close out procedures include:

  • Coordinate final inspections by local authorities and Architect/Engineers
  • Coordinate final punch lists from inspectors, Architect and owner
  • Collect and forward to owner all as built plans, training manuals, final inspection reports, equipment test results and spare parts as required by spec section
  • If required, coordinate any specialized training with contractor and end user
  • Provide on-site manager if required by size and complexity of the project
  • Prepare final accounting reports to show actual job costs