“A carpenter is strange by the world’s standards, over worked and underpaid yet unable to stop doing the things that define who he is and what he was made to do”.Quote by an active 83 year old carpenter.

Gheen Builders, Inc. is managed and physically operated by carpenters. Our capabilities include Construction Management, Project Management, Design/Build Projects, and Project Supervision, but our history of accomplishments begin and end with carpentry. It’s our standard, the way to measure quality and production while adding such things as function and creativity.

A home is a personal expression as well as a place to live. It exemplifies the owner’s personality in its functional aspects and by its appearance and craftsmanship. Few things offer as much satisfaction as a finely built and well lived in home. Gheen Builders is uniquely equipped with those whose experience in home building offers the best in design and craftsmanship. From Craftsman style architecture to Custom Built homes, wood sheds and more, there is little we cannot design, build, and improve upon.

If you’re interested in a new or remodeled home, call Gheen Builders for the last stop in quality and value.